Active Nanophotofluidic Systems
for Single Molecule/Particle Analsysis.
National Science Foundation
Nanoscale Interdisiplinary Research Team
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Welcome to the National Science Foundation (NSF) Nanoscale Interdisciplinary Research Team on Active Nanophotofluidic Systems for single particle/molecule analysis .

This research program began in September 2007 with the goal of actively integrating nanophotonics, nanofluidics, nanomaterials and single molecule physics into a new field, refered herein as "Nanophotofluidics". Specifically this research program hopes to exploit the extremely high optical intensities achievable in our newly developed "slot waveguides" to perform high fidelity optofluidic tweezing and propulsion. The goal by the end of this four year program is to demonstrate a series of new active nanoscopic single molecule and multi-particle bioanalytical devices.
Optofluidic trapping in a slot waveguide

This website contains information on the research program and its participants as well as publications detailing our recent results. The educational and outreach aspects of this project are also described. If you have any questions please contact Professor David Erickson

Recent News/Progress

A press release from the Optical Society of America describes on initial paper on the use of photonic structures for traping and transport of particles in a microfluidic system (see publication section for paper).